Author (s):
 Guillaume Henri Monod (Author) ,
Kent Davis (Editor),
Solang Uk (Translator)
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In 1898, the 23-year-old Guillaume Henri Monod traveled to French Indochina to seek his destiny in the exotic Kingdom of Cambodia. Located at the crossroads between the great civilizations of India and China, the fabulous Khmer Empire blossomed here more than a millennium ago.

Monod befriended many Cambodians while pursuing his passionate study of their ancient culture. One friend, Governor Khieu of the Pursat Province, shared his land’s rich legends with Monod, inspiring him to record them for future generations in 1922.

In this new edition–translated to English for the first time by Cambodian author and scholar Solang Uk–you’ll find that the wit, wisdom, humor and morals of these lively tales comes in many forms, never failing to surprise, perplex and amuse spellbound audiences. As a bonus for language students and scholars, this book includes the complete original French text.

Through imaginative twists and turns you’ll meet simple villagers living deep in the jungle, kings and princesses in fabulous palaces, angels and gods of the Hindu heavens…and you’ll even confront fierce pirates hiding in island lairs!

Who knows what you will discover in the tales of this ancient land? Just open the book begin your adventures!

Khmer folktales in the book include:

In this new edition, Cambodian scholar Solang Uk translates these tales to English for the first time, adding a foreword with his own perspectives of life in Cambodia. Fascinating, funny and always entertaining these tales preserve the oral traditions of his birth country. In 2010, Solang and his wife Beling Uk released a new English translation of the 12th century account book,  A Record of Cambodia’s Land and Customs by Chinese diplomat Zhou Daguan.


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