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 Kent Davis
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The Million Dollar Machine (MDM) is a life skills enrichment program for all children in Grades K-6. This award-winning teaching system enables educators, mentors and parents to give their children the knowledge and motivation they need to achieve their personal best in life.

With this easy-to-use lesson collection, children will immediately begin benefiting from these classroom-proven activities that shape a wide variety of essential personal, social, cognitive and environmental skills. MDM’s health and decision-making skills also protect children from drug use and other risky behaviors; a key benefit that earned this program a Presidential Award at the White House.

This new edition includes the entire nationally tested lesson collection, validated by 5 scientific studies, with more than 600 integrated activities and discussion topics, 80 interactive parent/child worksheets, vocabulary and complete use guidelines.

Teachers, mentors and parents praise the age-appropriate MDM lessons because they are effective, economical and easy to use in the classroom and at home. Children love MDM because it makes learning fun!

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