Author (s):
 Paul Cravath (Author),
Kent Davis (Editor)
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Earth in Flower – Complete history and analysis of Cambodian dance: Cambodian dancers, royal ballet, dance ritual, Siamese and Thai dance, Ramayana, dance costumes, staging, training, music, etc.

Mystical Origins
Since the dawn of recorded history, Khmer royalty nurtured a dance style unique to their Asian kingdom, yet instantly recognizable throughout the world. Spiritually, the graceful dancers embody the essence and strength of the Khmer race.

Analysis of a Hidden Art
Earth in Flower thoroughly covers choreography, musicology, costuming and stagecraft. The surprise is learning how these women profoundly affected Asian history for a millennium, as living goddesses, priestesses, queens, concubines, hostages and diplomats.

Extraordinary Access
A twist of fate gave the author rare access to the formerly sequestered troupe of royal dancers, teachers, theater and archives. Earth in Flower offers new insights into this beautiful art, its long-hidden history, and how the dancers balance the Khmer relationship between heaven and earth.

Dr Paul CravathDr. Paul Cravath is a scholar, teacher, actor and theatre director with extensive Asian research experience. He based his book, Earth in Flower, on primary research in Cambodia and Thailand, and ten years of archival research in the US. Cravath is now Professor of Theatre at the University of Hawaii-LCC..