Author (s):
  Joel Montague (Author),
Kent Davis (Editor),
Daria Lacy (Designer)
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An exuberant journey through what might be called the Golden Age of Outdoor Advertising in Cambodia. From 1990-2000, small businesses blossomed, in contrast to the preceding decades when the Khmer Rouge and Vietnamese regimes suppressed or vigorously regulated entrepreneurial ventures. As free enterprise spread, so did an abundance of eye-catching, creative, hand-painted shop signs.

Inspired by the simple beauty, and often humor, of their folk-art style, public health officer Joel Montague began collecting these unique advertising images in 1991. The Boston Center for the Arts and the Fowler Museum at the University of California have displayed his collection, now presented to readers here for the first time.

Montague’s other books include “The Colonial Good Life: A Commentary on Andre Joyeux’s Vision of French Indochina,” “Picture Postcards of Cambodia 1900-1950,” and “La Terre de Bouddha: Artistic Impressions of French Indochina.”

Unique illustrations beautifully presented with great text

“This book is colourful, beatifically illustrated with interesting information on this form of folk art. The text by the author and collector provides great insights into post Marxist Cambodia.”

Leonard Redecke
February 10, 2014, Reviewed on Amazon