Author (s):
 Helen Churchill Candee (Author),
Kent Davis (Editor),
Randy Bryan Bigham (Afterword)
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“The tale of it is incredible; the wonder which is Angkor is unmatched in Asia.” So begins Helen Churchill Candee’s classic tale of Asian adventure. Today, readers can again experience the mystery of Cambodia’s vast jungle temples through her eyes. Although Helen Candee is best known for surviving the sinking of the RMS Titanic, she walked with kings, presidents, the wealthy and the powerful. entertaining, educating and influencing them. This independent woman championed feminine equality and fought tirelessly for woman’s rights. And, as a single woman, she traveled the Far East with a keen eye for detail, an inquisitive mind, and a sensitivity for local culture. Helen Candee’s travelogue remains one of the most evocative English language accounts of the ancient Khmer capital.

When Helen Candee traveled to Cambodia in 1922, she was already a public figure known for surviving the RMS Titanic disaster, supporting female equality and fighting for women’s rights. Ultimately this independent woman influenced kings, presidents and the English speaking world with her moving tales of Asia.

This expanded hardcover edition marks the first reissue of her complete 1924 work with more than 100 antique illustrations, an index and bibliography. It includes Candee’s complete 1924 tale of Asian adventure, supplemented by her first person account of the Titanic sinking, a bibliography, index and more than 100 antique illustrations.

For the first time in print, this edition also features Life’s Décor – The first original biography of Helen Churchill Candee’s life, by historian Randy Bryan Bigham.

Genre: Non-Fiction; History, Travel, Biography

Helen Churchill CandeeHelen Churchill Candee was a remarkable 20th century woman who traveled the world with a keen eye for detail, an inquisitive mind and a sensitivity for local culture. By her hand, we have the first, and most evocative, English language account of the ancient Khmer civilization’s lost capital of Angkor..