Kent Davis

Kent Davis

Davis has focused on SE Asian studies since 1988. His passion for learning and teaching energizes DatASIA projects. His present priorities are restoring obscure works of SE Asian literature and analysing carvings of sacred women created by the Khmer Empire (8-14th c.).

His background includes language arts (English, French, Thai), curriculum design, historical research, photography, and marketing communications.

In business and personal pursuits he has traveled to 43 countries on five continents. With many more to go!

Sophaphan Laothai

Sophaphan Laothai

Born in rural Thailand, Laothai achieved success in resort design and real estate development in the US. Now, her priorities are improving rural living conditions, education and woman's rights in Asia.

Her literary focus is translating and restoring folk legends of Thailand into the English language.

Her talents in interior decoration, landscape gardening and Asian cuisine have earned her the nickname of "the Thai Martha Stewart" among her friends.

I have no special talents.
I am only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Where you find effort. You will find success.
Translation: Where you find effort. You will find success.

Thai Proverb