Our mission, our books and our projects serve to educate.


DatASIA supports historical, cultural & educational projects in Southeast Asia with a focus on restoring rare and out-of-print literary works.


DatASIA is a traditional book publisher expanding to include titles in digital ebook formats. Our primary research project is creating an online quantitative database of sacred female images created by the Khmer civiliation in SE Asia between 800-1300 AD.

Current Projects

DatASIA projects include restoring more than 20 works of literature from the French Colonial period in the Indochina region (i.e. Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam); a scientific analysis of Khmer carvings of women from the Angkor region; an online archive of rare books and images; a network of themed websites; and supporting rural arts and education in SE Asia.

Priorities & Values

Exchanging information freely & expanding knowledge access.
Educating children is humankind's highest priority.
Gender Equality
Women providing stability, sustenance and cultural nurture have enabled SE Asian civilizations to flourish. We support increasing awareness of women's roles in the past and improving their status in the present.

Including & benefiting SEA residents.
Preserving ethnic knowledge, traditions, crafts and lifestyles.